Hunting Shadows by Charles Todd *Review*

hunting shadowsHunting Shadows is a classic eerie mystery whose main character is not Inspector Ian Rutledge as the book synopsis would have you believe, but the thick, cloak of fog that envelops the town so completely that you can’t see your way home. The type of fog that hides a killer walking as he maps his escape and the squeak of a bicycle is all that alerts you that you are not alone.

Inspector Rutledge from Scotland Yard is assigned to the small English village of Cambridgeshire to help solve the murder of Captain Hutchinson who was gunned down while attending a society wedding. A second murder occurs not far from the first, another man shot in cold blood while campaigning for office in the public square. Nothing links the two men together. However, a witness to the second shooting initially claims she saw the shooter, or rather, the monstrously grotesque appearance of something with a gun in an upper window. Something that terrifies her so much that she clams up and refuses to repeat her initial story.

Inspector Rutledge interviews local townspeople and the constables who have so far failed to solve this case in order to come up with any clue that can link these two murders together so he can come up with a common suspect. Full of 1920’s intrigue, crank up cars, windmills, horses and sniper shots, this was a good under the covers read with a sinister tone.


2 responses to “Hunting Shadows by Charles Todd *Review*

  1. I’m not much into mysteries but this one sounds good.

  2. How fun – I like this style once in a while.

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