Kid Konnection: Big Scary Monster

Kid Konnection is a weekly meme hosted by Booking Mama.  Every Saturday she features a children’s book and encourages us to link up with her and do the same!

This week our trip to the library had us coming home with Big Scary Monster by Thomas Docherty.

On the top of the mountain lived a Big Scary Monster whose absolutely favorite thing in the world to do  was scare the animals that lived around him on the mountain.  When the animals get wise and start to hide, the Big Scary Monster has to travel down the mountain to the valley to find new victims.

What he finds when he gets to the bottom of the mountain is that the animals are bigger and the Big Scary Monster is not so big and scary anymore.

This cute story about a little bully who learns his lesson appealed to me more than it did to Princess Grace.  I don’t know if it was because the illustrations were not as colorful as some of the other books we have been reading or if the storyline just didn’t excite her, but this book is not one she has asked me to reread over and over.  Don’t discount it though.  I think this book is a fun one and one that will spur a discussion on bullies which is always a good discussion to have with a kid of any age.

One sticky thumb up from me and a sticky thumb down from Gracie.


7 responses to “Kid Konnection: Big Scary Monster

  1. It’s funny how sometimes a book that appeals to us will not appeal to our kids and vice versa? Sounds like a cute book, though.

  2. For a kid’s book, I’ll trust her opinion more than yours.

  3. I wonder if boys would like it more? MONSTERS! 😀

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  5. We just read a cute bullying book too. Our elementary school has a very high profile anti-bullying program.

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