Kid Konnection: Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

I have always enjoyed children’s books.  The humor, the rhymes, the illustrations have always appealed to me.  But for many years, because my boys are 16 and 21, I haven’t had a reason to sit and indulge with one.  Enter Princess Grace.  Gracie is my son’s fiancée’s daughter.  She entered our lives when she was six months old and has captured our hearts ever since.  When she’s not chasing her Uncle Zach around and around and around the kitchen island, she loves to listen to stories on my lap.  At 4 1/2 years old, she sometimes helps me pick books out at the library.  I get to babysit her every Tuesday evening and storytime has become the highlight of my week.

Kid Konnection is a weekly meme hosted by Booking Mama each Saturday and anything related to children’s books can be featured.  This is my first week!

All dogs like to play fetch, scratch their fleas, and drink out of the toilet.  But Biff isn’t like all dogs.  He has bigger dreams.

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet by Anna Kemp and illustrated by Sara Ogilvie is the story of a dog who doesn’t act like a dog.  This dog would rather listen to music, walk on his tiptoes and stare longingly at tutus.  When the young lady in this book goes to ballet class she asks to bring Biff along, but her father says no- “Dogs don’t do ballet.”                                

Biff sneaks along and follows her to class.  My granddaughter and I had fun finding Biff hiding in the pictures.  Sometimes just his feet…sometimes his ears and nose.  When Biff sneaks into ballet class, the instructor, Miss Polly asks that he be removed at once.  Poor Biff is sad.  He won’t eat, he won’t play, all he does is howl at the moon.

The young girl gets tickets to see the Royal Ballet for her birthday.  Again, Biff is not allowed to come, and again he sneaks along anyways, and it’s a good thing he does!  When the prima ballerina trips and everyone thinks the ballet is over, in steps Biff in his pink tu-tu to save the day!

Dogs Don’t Do Ballet is a wonderful story on never giving up on your dreams and never letting anybody tell you that you can’t do something.  I loved that the author made Biff a boy dog, to show that boys can be ballet dancers too if that’s what they want to do.  Princess Grace and I give this book two sticky thumbs up!


8 responses to “Kid Konnection: Dogs Don’t Do Ballet

  1. Ahhhh… this sounds cute. I have a small grouping of kids books I need to review, I need to start doing this meme as well.

    When you have a moment.. want to toss me the book club pick title for December?

  2. Since I do read and post information about children’s books, this looks like a meme I should consider. I clicked over to Booking Mama and plan to add hers to the blogs I read. Thanks.

    • I’m glad you stopped by Bonnie! And thanks for checking out Booking Mama, I’m sure you’ll enjoy her blog as much as I do!

      • Yes, I did find Booking Mama’s blog to be fascinating. I went to my library afterwards to get one of the books she had mentioned in an earlier Kid Konnection post, but it’s lost on the shelf somewhere and we couldn’t find it. So I took home a bunch of others I discovered while searching for that one. I’ll write about one or more of those six in a Kid Konnection post tomorrow. Isn’t the bookish life fun? LOL.

        By the way, I responded to your comment about Beth Kephart on my blog, in case you want to see it:

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. And what a terrific book to feature. It sounds adorable!!

  4. That looks so cute!!! I love the doggie on the cover. How adorable! I have two sons but I’m going to have to get that book just because of how cute it is! 🙂

  5. That sounds like such a cute story. My son used to love hunting for things in books.

  6. What a cute book! Reminds me of my son who used to look in longingly at my daughter’s ballet class whenever we accompanied her there. It turns out he likes to dance.

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