My Nook And I At…

Earlier in the summer, when the weather was warm and the flowers were still blooming I made a trip to a neighboring city to stroll through Munsinger Clemens Gardens.

Clemens Gardens

The Gardens are such a peaceful beautiful place to visit.  They have park benches all throughtout the gardens to sit and reflect and look at the beautiful array of plant life they grow there.  The Gardens are divided into two seperate and very different spaces.

In the 1880s along the east bank of the Mississippi River in this precise site there used to be a sawmill.  In 1915 it was purchased in an effort to beautify the area.  Formerly Riverside Park it was renamed for the superintendant of parks, Joseph Munsinger.  It is comprised of  14 acres of informal gardens, towering trees, rock-lined paths, a lily pond, gazebo, and fountain.  I love this garden because they are many of the same flowers I grow at home but with much better results!  My oldest son reminds me whenever I buy a new plant that I have a black thumb and he makes a good point.  If it’s a plant that needs water, it will probably die!
On the other side of the park across the street from the river are Clemens Gardens.  These gardens are a monument of love to Bill Clemens’ wife, Virginia.  Virginia battled Multiple Sclerosis for more than forty years but her love of roses lives on in the more than 11oo rose bushes that comprise just one of the six European gardens that make up Clemens Gardens.  In Clemens Gardens you will also find the Rest Area Garden boasting the tallest outdoor fountain in Minnesota, th Formal Garden, the Trelliage Garden, The White Garden and the Perennial Garden.

With many places to sit in the sun and read amidst wedding partys down by the gazebo and a painter with his easel in the White Garden, I chose to pull out my Nook and read a little bit of Everything We Ever Wanted by Sara Shepherd.  Stop by tomorrow for a review of this book!


4 responses to “My Nook And I At…

  1. What great pictures – love that your NOOK was there!

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  3. It is cold and rainy here, so I definitely needed to see this post. Somehow, I now feel quite a bit warmer! 🙂

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