My Nook and I At…

Split Rock Lighthouse.  On our recent camping trip along the North Shore of Lake Superior we stopped at Split Rock Lighthouse.

Split Rock Lighthouse was built in 1910 after a delegation descended upon Washington, D.C.  to appropriate money to make the rocky coastline of Lake Superior which some called “the most dangerous piece of water in the world” safer for the bulk ore ships that sailed along the inhospitable North Shore.  Congress took this delegation very seriously.  During a single storm on November 28th, 1905  United State’s Steel suffered damage to 29 ships. 

The light from the lighthouse could be seen from 22 miles away, making this coastline much safer.  Modern navigation has made this lighthouse obsolete so it closed down in 1969 and is now part of a 2,200-acre state park.

While visiting Split Rock my son wanted to walk the tramway stairs, the trail that used to be the railroad tracks down to where the ships unloaded the ore.  When I say stairs, I mean stairs.  Hundreds of them.  In fact, the descent drops 100 feet down in 100 yards.  In May I suffered a knee injury that still holds me back from too much of this kind of physical activity.  I had already done stairs at Two Step Falls and Gooseberry Falls earlier.  I did not feel I should push my luck by attempting these…

especially having already come down these

So that’s where I sat & read!


3 responses to “My Nook and I At…

  1. I love that Lighthouse – it is about 10 miles from our cabin. The stairs are worth the hike – standing on the rocks of Superior is pretty amazing (* you probably know there is a woods trail that takes you to the bottom as well so you do not have to use the stairs) 😀

    • Yeah, I know it now! Jeff & Zach came up the trail and snuck up behind me! There were several spots where I stood on the rocks of Superior. It is an absolutely gorgeous sight!

  2. What a great picture and great place to read!

    PS Thanks for visiting my blog.

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