Haunting Jasmine by Anjali Banerjee *Review*

 “Books are more than commodities to sell.  Books hold our culture, our past, other worlds, the antidote for sadness.”  -Anjali Banergee


Books hold our past…how true that is.  And it’s especially true of Auntie’s Bookstore, a quaint dusty little Victorian where the past comes to life in the forms and voices of long ago authors- Poe, Austen, Kipling.

Jasmine Mistry is filling in at the bookstore for her Auntie Ruma while she travels to India to heal her heart which is exactly what Jasmine needs to do.  Still reeling from a divorce eight months ago Jasmine feels broken, lost and ugly.

But the spirits in the bookstore keep nudging her to a new revelation and so does the ruggedly handsome Dr. Hunt, a mysterious man she meets one day at the bookstore.  Connor Hunt is instantly attracted to her and asks her out but Jasmine is still nursing her wounds and more than a little wary.  Does she have it in her to love again?


Haunting Jasmine started offkilter for me.  I wanted to like the characters Ms. Banerjee introduced me to but they seemed one dimensional not fully fleshed out.  I sensed the author kept hinting at something but I couldn’t quite grasp any feelings or emotions from her or her characters.

Not one to leave a book unfinished, I plodded on…and was pleasantly surprised to find I was starting to like it.  Ms. Banerjee’s strength in her writing came when the romance was introduced.  I finally felt like the wispy veil had lifted and scenes were no longer muted, they were more colorful and more real.

While I wouldn’t say it was a fantastic book, I did end up enjoying this light read.   3/5 stars


One response to “Haunting Jasmine by Anjali Banerjee *Review*

  1. New title for me – glad you hung in there 😉

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