My Nook and I At…

My family likes to camp…a lot.  Two weekends ago my son & I, out of the blue,  decided on Thursday night to go camping on Friday & Saturday night.  Last minute packing might not be a big undertaking for RVers, but for tenters it’s a lot of work!  We had a family reunion on Saturday that we didn’t want to miss so we knew we couldn’t go far.  So we settled on camping at Rock Lake about 30 miles from home in the Pillsbury State Forest.  When we go camping we have a tendency to go to places that are remote and a little more primitive, so we really enjoy going to state forest campgrounds  (different from state parks!) whenever possible.  They’re cheap (generally around $12 a night) and usually not very crowded.  They don’t have running water so you want to make sure to pack a refillable water jug and they only have outhouses, but the toilets are usually very clean.

While reading Tony & Susan I was able to enjoy the solitude that only nature can provide, and when my nephew joined us after the family reunion I was able to watch him fish along the banks of the lake by our campsite as well as get in a few more chapters.

If you are interested in finding a state forest campground in your area go to your state’s DNR website.


Come back tomorrow for my review of Tony & Susan by Austin Wright.


One response to “My Nook and I At…

  1. Ahhh…. you took your NOOK to the woods….LOL

    You know, I dont think I have ever camped in a state park…..

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