My Book & I At…

My husband and son love to fish…for hours!  Me- not so much!  I like to fish, don’t get me wrong, but after about an hour or so I’m longing for a camp chair and a paperback.  So I go with them sometimes on their fishing excursions, more to humor them than anything else, but I always make sure I have a book or two with me.  On this day My Book & I found ourselves at the Pike Creek Boat Ramp in Minnesota’s Morrison County.  

Even though it looks like a small little watering hole it became increasingly busy as the day progressed.  Not catching anything here the guys decided to try fishing a little further down the road at Blanchard Dam about 10 miles outside of Royalton, Minnesota.


The place I am standing here, overlooking Blanchard Dam, is a paved bike trail that was once railroad tracks used by the Soo Line Railroad.  The entire trail is 226 miles long, but I am standing on the southern route of the trail that spans 114 miles from just a little south of where I am here, to Superior, Wisconsin.  It’s a beautiful bike trail and one I hope to do my 50 mile bike trip with my son to complete his Bicycling Merit badge.

So that’s where My Book & I were.  Where were you?

Stop back tomorrow for my review of Winter of My Disconnect by Susan Maushart.


4 responses to “My Book & I At…

  1. I just discovered your blog through Sheila’s blog. I love My Books and I posts although I must admit I wondered how you were not being eaten alive by mosquitoes in these pics. I am in Wisconsin and they are thick here all day long. I have a copy of Our Winter of Disconnect so I am curious to see what you think of it. I love your blog!

    • Thank you! I have fun doing them. (and thanks to Sheila for the shout out that got you here!) The mosquitos have been thick this year but mainly a problem in the evenings. My son and I like to sit on the patio at night with a fire in the fireplace and play cards at the patio table. This year I thought we were going to have to give it up, but I picked up a screen that fits over the top of your patio umbrella and it has been a real lifesaver!

  2. Popped in – hi Beth, hi Angie 🙂 I like these posts too. I am sadly no where cool with a book lately. Oh I take that back, last weekend I was reading The Devil In The White City from camp Knutson in my bed with a flashlight strapped on my head.

    Is this going to be a weekly meme?

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