My Book & I At…

My books and I go everywhere together.  You will find me in a huge state of panic if for some reason I am without one.  So I thought it would be fun to show you from time to time where I go with my books. 

On the shore of Mille Lacs lake

On a rather hot day recently my family decided to take a dip in Minnesota’s second largest inland lake, Mille Lacs.  Accompanying my husband and I was my oldest son, his fiancée and her daughter(soon to be my granddaughter!) and my youngest son.  When they were out on the inner tubes I was able to get some reading in but when Gracie came to play on the shore it was time to put the book down and keep an eye on her!

Mille Lacs Lake has a rich history. Archaeologists indicate that it is one of the earliest known sites of human settlement in the state of Minnesota. 

So that’s where My Book and I traveled to.  Where did your book go?

**Check back later today for my review of The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson**


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