Faith by Jennifer haigh *Review*

For the last several years we have watched TV news segments and read headlines in the newspapers about the clergy abuse scandal.  Specifically, the scandal within the Boston Archdiocese.

As a devout Catholic, these stories hurt me and the religion I love.  I know a good majority of these claims are true, and some are not.  I do believe the Church has covered this up in the past, paying money to sweep it under the rug, but I have seen the shift and I know this is changing.  The Pope himself has apologized to the world for the wrongs of the past.

Faith, I felt, was a relevant book for the times.  The title is about more than faith in God, It’s about faith in people…more specifically, the faith of Father Art Breen, his brother Mike and his sister Sheila.

When allegations of child molestation come to the surface, Sheila is quick to defend her brother in the midst of the scandal, while Mike is quick to turn his back on him.  The accusations hurled cause hurt and embarrassment for everyone involved.

But did Art molest young Aiden, a boy he has helped with homework, cooked meals for, enrolled in a decent school and played at the beach with?

Faith was a heartrending story of a family  and a life torn apart by allegations of a crime that may or may not have occurred, and the love of one person for another.  This was a book that really made me think of love (an emotion we really can’t control) and about faith.  It garners 3.5/5 stars.


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