Sunday Confessional…Summer Camp

I confess! My son leaves for Boy Scout summer camp today and I don’t want him to go!  “What?” you say.  “Is she crazy?” you whisper to another.  Yes, I must be.  While most moms can’t wait for a week of relaxation and quiet with the kiddos gone- I dread it.  Don’t get me wrong, I will enjoy the quiet for a while.  But I will miss him dearly.

My sixteen year old and I do so much together.  Because my husband goes to bed early (8pm because he has to be to work by 3am) my son is my card playing partner, my movie watching partner, my shopping companion, etc.  And while most sixteen-year old boys don’t want to be caught dead with their mother, he doesn’t mind…yet.

So yes, I will miss him when he’s at camp.  But I know he’s in good hands and he will have many wonderful experiences there minus mom.  And I guess this is good practice for when he eventually leaves home.  But that still doesn’t mean I have to like it!


2 responses to “Sunday Confessional…Summer Camp

  1. Justin used to be that to me too. When he was home he was my late night movie buddy, board game partner… it took some adjusting to get used to him being gone… actually I think that was about the time I turned to book reviews and blogging 😀

    I like your new wordpress blog – I hope you do too!

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