My Book and I At…

My books and I go everywhere together.  You will find me in a huge state of panic if for some reason I am without one.  So I thought it would be fun to show you from time to time where I go with my books. 

Last week I read The Headhunter’s Daughter by Tamar Myers.  I will be posting my review of this tomorrow so stop back to see what I thought of this read.

Crow Wing Lake public access

My son’s Boy Scout patrol picked this lake to do a swimming event at.  I took my book along because I knew it would be hours before I would get them out of the water.  Unfortunately, I did not get much read.  Even at the age of 16 they still like attention.  I would just get started reading a paragraph and I would hear “Mom, watch me do this” and “Angie, take a picture of me doing that.”

Later after they were done swimming and had eaten and gone home, I relaxed around the last remnants of the campfire and got a few chapters read.

How about you?  Do books travel with you everywhere?  Do you take them to the park, to the beach, in the bathtub with you (please do not post that photo!)  Are you reading them at the doctor’s office, at Burger King while on lunch, on the plane?  I’d like to see your book travel pictures.  In the comments feel free to let me know where your book has been read and link your photo if you’d like.  Since I am not much of a traveler my books will never go far, but I can guarentee…they will go!


One response to “My Book and I At…

  1. Books do travel everywhere with me. And when in motion – I am all about audio. 😀

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