>It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?


Hello! I’m a newbie here! I have fun following this meme weekly but I have never participated. My schedule is crazy and I’m lucky if I can post once or twice a week. BUT, I was on vacation this week and even though I was gone Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday when I finally got around to reading I finished 4 books in 4 days! AND had time to schedule some future posts! I am so psyched about that! Can you imagine what I could accomplish if I didn’t have to work?

That’s right, absolutely nothing!! lol

Anyhoo- as I understand it It’s Monday! What Are You Reading is a chance for all to share what their reading plans are for the week. Join in with Sheila at Book Journey so we can see what you are up to!

I will be going back to work …Boo! And even though I won’t be getting through 4 books in 4 days I do plan on reading these:

I just started this this morning and I’m loving it. Very cute and quirky!

This one is a book club read and I heard it’s a quick read so I just might be able to get to this next one-

I’ve heard great things about this and until a few days ago it was halfway down my reading pile. I will not finish this one, but I should get a good start.

So that’s my week! Now I’m going to go visit yours!


12 responses to “>It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

  1. >I've heard good things about the Tiffany's book. I hope you enjoy it! :0) thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

  2. >YAY for James Patterson. I wish I could read his book also. Some of them have been translated into my language. But they don't have the new one. It's All About Books

  3. >Welcome to the meme 🙂 I've seen Litte Princes on many a reading list, wondering whether it's really that good? What do you think?The Sweetness of the Bottom Pie is just the best title I've seen in ages.

  4. >Have a great reading week! 🙂

  5. >Hope you manage to keep this one up even while working…it's a fun Monday fix for me. I enjoyed Sundays at Tiffany's.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. >I like your choice of books – as for posting every so often – i know the feeling! I have been able to get some time off as on a break at the moment but going into full time full blown long long shifts very soon so making the most of it!Very nice clean looking blog – i will be back! Have a great day and i hope work goes ok 😀

  7. >Spring Break's over. I mostly read books for my project. Come see what I finished.

  8. >Angie – welcome and YAY! I am loving – LOVING Little Princes – I hope you do too. I am almost done with our book club read and enjoying it although have heard some book reviews say they did not so I am cautiously waiting for a disappointment I have yet to find :)Have a super week and bummer you are back at work!

  9. >Wow…KUDOS on the books 4! *applause* My weekend was a bit busy so reading was slim to none, but I worked it in when I could. ^_^ Nice list to start on there, wishing you much happy reading!

  10. >You should join the read-a-thon on Saturday! That may get your through some books. Are you signed up yet? There are about 300 or so of us participating. I would love to read Sweetness, I know my library has it, but I haven't got round to it. Happy reading!

  11. >I've heard great things about Little Princes, but I'm not sure I could stomach it. Hope you enjoy it, though :)And welcome to the meme!!!

  12. >Thank you Crystal. It's been fun!

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