>Bloggiesta Challenge Completed!


What an exciting weekend it has been! I have just taken part in my first Bloggiesta and have accomplished so much! I debated not attempting to do the Bloggiesta since my blog was only 7 days old, but I figured if I learned one thing from this event it would be worth it. And learn I did.

I concentrated not on fixing up my blog to make it look prettier but on doing the mini challenges. In doing these challenges I made my blog more productive. Here is a list of what I accomplished:

1. Creating lists and opinion pots: I wrote one opinion post and made a few lists for future posts

2. Learned about vanity alerts and tried this out

3. Elevator Pitch- wrote one up!

4. Blog Directories- registered in 2 of them

5. Blogging buddy- Found one!

6. Favicons and Gravatars- attempted to do a favicon, downloaded it and it has yet
to show up. I need to try this again.

7. Anchor text- Done!

8. Comment Challenge- This has been fun. I have enjoyed the new blogs I have been
to and will continue to do this.

9. Cheat sheet- Started one. I’m sure it will be a big help in the future.

10. Copyrights- Consider this done!

11. Backing up your blog- Not much here yet but I backed it up and now know how to
keep up with this

12. Blogger Mentoring- I signed up on the forum to become a mentee

13. Brainstorming blogging topics- This was fun and I came up with quite a few

Whew! No wonder I am exhausted! I didn’t get in as much time as I wanted to but all in all I spent 14 hours this weekend working on this. Head on over to Maw Books Blog and take a look at where you can go to complete these mini challenges as well as see all the ones I didn’t get to.
Thanks to all who hosted these mini challenges and taught me so much. I can’t wait for the next Bloggiesta. Ole!


7 responses to “>Bloggiesta Challenge Completed!

  1. >Nice job! You did get a lot done!

  2. >Thank you, I was quite pleased with what I had accomplished.

  3. >Now that's a successful Bloggiesta! Welcome to the book blogging community, Angie! 🙂

  4. >Way to go! Looks like you accomplished a lot! Keep it up. And I love the name of your site by the way, just perfect!

  5. >Kay,Thanks! I can't believe how welcoming everybody has been. What a great family the book blogging community is!

  6. >1stdaughter,Thanks, I think the name of the site fits me to a T.

  7. >Welcome to the blogosphere, Angie!

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