>An Exciting Win for my Son

>Yesterday in the mail I received Draw 50 Mythical Creatures by Lee J. Ames which was a win from Karen at Bookin’ with Bingo.

I had told my son (and Karen) when this came in the mail it would be his and he was so excited. My son loves to draw and this would be something different for him to learn how to do since he usually draws cartoon people and cars.

When I opened it he was standing right next to me with anticipation. Within minutes he had come back with his first drawing. Here is a sample of what he learned to do from the book. Thanks Bingo for this giveaway!


7 responses to “>An Exciting Win for my Son

  1. >WOW! I'd say the book went to a worthy winner. How wonderful is that?!!…I bet he is very proud. Tell him I said (as a former teacher) that I bet his teacher would love to see his art work if he has never shown her before. Thank you so much for sharing….makes what I do worthwhile!

  2. >Thanks Bingo, My son grinned from ear to ear when I read him your comment.

  3. >Your son is very talented. The drawings are great. What a fantastic book to have.

  4. >My son used to use drawing guides like this one (he favored cartoons) – now he is in his 4th year of a 5-year architecture program! These books really spark talent and interest in an important way!!!

  5. >Congrats on the win! Karen at Bookin' With Bingo always has such great giveaways going on!

  6. >Wow! That is so impressive!!!!!! What a wonderful giveaway and win. And if he becomes an artist, you can point to this posts as the "start" of his career!

  7. >These drawings are good.

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