>A Little Complication…

>Recently you might remember me saying that I had been very lucky and had won 4 audiobooks on other book blogs. Then I signed up for my very first challenge, which was the audiobook challenge. I signed up for the Addicted level-12 audiobooks. Stopping at the library I picked up 2 books on CD to get a jumpstart on the challenge before my wins came in the mail.

I received one of my wins in the mail the other day, and I’m currently halfway through one that I had picked up from the library. I’m really enjoying it too I might add. When disc 4 ended I pulled out disc 5 to insert and…nothing. The CD went part of the way in and stuck! It wouldn’t go in any further and it would not come out.

Now here I sit, very excited for all the wonderful reads waiting for me on CD and my CD player doesn’t work. Now what do I do?


2 responses to “>A Little Complication…

  1. >Hey,if you need any audio books I have quite a few you can borrow.

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